The sound of my wooden chest

by Frokost

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The debut album. Originally released as a cd in 500 copies. Handmade cardboard cover sealed by a red dog-man sticker - what's not to love?


released January 1, 2008

Mikkel and Tue: all instruments, writing and recording
Agnete and Rie: occasional unquiet choir


all rights reserved


Track Name: Hanging out with the in-crowd
Why does the music have to be so loud
when you're hanging out with the in-crowd?

Why do you have to scream and shout
when you're hanging out with the in-crowd?

If the right was going along (what if not?
If not I can always sing another self-righteous song
and then the right one can go alone

Why do I have so proud
when I'm hanging out the in-crowd?
Track Name: Introducing The Disappointments
I don't like what they just played
but they'll never know
'cause I'm going to pretend anyway
The voice was too disturbing
and the beat was almost hurting from a mile away

You walked in on high-heeled legs
every man around started to beg: oh, let it be me
You ordered a tequila
And said: I sure do need a
dance with that

Hey girl, I'd love to dance
and hang out in the bar
But I'm stuck behind my pedal steel guitar

Our band stopped playing
when I had played my part
I couldn't see you dancing
and you weren't in the bar
were you gone with a friend?
My legs started to shiver
'cause I thought that I would never
see you again
Track Name: I let it be
You never used to walk like that
You never used to laugh like that
You never laughed like that

I've never seen you walk like that
Never heard that act
I've never seen you walk like that
I've never seen you laugh like that
What a heart attack
I've never seen you laugh, laugh like that

Is he better than me?
So much you didn't see
I let it be
I let it be
Track Name: Dancehall King
It's a tiny tone from this string
it sounds so sweet I think I'll let it ring
It's a time worth living in the space above
there's only one word and the word is love
Tip toe hey let's go
the heart beat percussion
hip shake
how we make our hearts break and hearts ache

Now you're in the house with the latest swing
moving around like a dancehall king
you move around like a dancehall king
And you feel good music
from the heaven above
it's only one word and the word is love
Track Name: Scary bitch
You can dance when you smile
makes it all worthwhile
to dance with a scary girl

You circle and spin
then you grab me again
and then you do a crazy twirl

I guess you could do me harm

Place my hand on your hips
take a look at your lips
this is getting so out of my hand
this getting dimb
I'm out on a limb
and you're one scary bitch

I could do you harm
I guess that you do me harm
Track Name: Roughdancing boy
Red light in the bar, just right
Warm blood all around
I'm a jelly dancing knight
Two girls looking right at me
gonna dance for them
hope they'll dance for me

I dance.

They smile and turn their precious heads
I dance closer yet and twist my leg
They laugh - I feel my rising cock
Ask for a little dance but I'm out of luck

There is a howl in my throat
It's a crazy sound
I love all the pretty boys and girls around
but oh, how the frown
I've wasted beer
Two girls versus little old me
I'm outta here
Track Name: Daniel's dream
When you stepped in through the door
I was asleep on the floor
You came to hear about my dream
for your latest scheme
But dreams were nowhere to be found
I took a quick look around
I ran through stars and walked the moon
Had to wake up very soon

So I went swimming in the sea
and the fish looked at me
I tried to understand their tones
but the fish threw their stones
And when I was resting in the sand
fish were biting my hand
I was sad when I got up from the floor
I'd been hoping for more

Get up (keep it up)
Run out (get out)
Leave the city
Track Name: The spot where you are
Bright summer night inside
Comets that glow outside
Got a nice little show
that you don't know
That I'm not so far from the spot where you are
I'm your window star

I'll sing you a song
though I got a trunk for a tongue, I'll try
Make you stuck to my song
It won't take long

'Cause I'm not so far from the spot where you are
can't you hear when I play my guitar?

I'm the mosquito
Open your window
Let me play you a go-go
Hello, oh..
Track Name: Go, boy, go
Oh, just know I'm letting out steam
Oh, please know it not as it seems
So what do you think it's gotta be?
It feels like a loaded gun
When we're having fun

Blow, wind, blow
Make a mess of my hair
Blow, girl, blow
Like you really care
So what do you think we're up to now?
All the things we could do
You and me and me and you
One two.

Grow, just grow
It will take you there
Grow, boy, grow
And show that you care
So am I right now
or am I wrong?
There is no chance to flee
'cause there is still you and there is still me
One two three.

Go, boy, go
If you got the guts
Go, girl, go
If you got the hots
So is it back to the start all over again?
We're still on the floor
And we still want more
One two three four.
Track Name: Nowhere fast
I fell asleep in your car
It must have been a thousand miles
I hope you'll stay where you are
Just another thousand miles
Track Name: Summer nights
Spent summer days in the garden
Spent summer night drinking gin
You wore Elizabeth Arden
I was your modern Errol Flynn

Come lay down in the flowers
the well known roses bed
let me show you my super powers
you say: don’t let it go to your head

And I just love, love your bones
A summer day long ago I still hear you say
And it is love, love
Or at least it was in another day
But now I can’t hear what you say

We put on extra rays in the sunshine
from our wonderful balloon
I can’t remember just how we got there
summers always end too soon
Track Name: Explosions in the guy
Ran for the train at the station
wearing my old brown shoes
Missing a call on my cell phone
Hoping that it was you

Taking an easy vacation:
sat in the shadow of a tree
talking to you on my cell phone
I laugh at you, you laugh at me

I laughed at you, you laughed at me
In the beginning it was hard to agree
I asked: could you please think it over again
you said you could
I know you would

Went for a swim in the ocean
finally I feel ok
picking you up at the station
it was the end of the day

I really don’t understand
how you can be so determined
I guess that I’ll never know when you go
or when you come back

Baby I took a chance not to dance
with you at the party
Shouldn’t have said that stuff
said more than enough
don’t pay attention
I know that we don’t agree
why is that a problem?
will you remember me or have I become unimportant?
Track Name: Words can really hurt me
He wrote a song
In a pace that stresses me
It wasn’t long, but it was spot on
You’ll see

Uuuh, Casanova, has anyone told ya
about this wonderful King?
sure makes it swing

He made a point
about a boy who resembles me
He made it twice and it was so nice
I swear he nearly saved me

Uuuh, Casanova, has nobody told ya
about this wonderful clown
who’s on his way down?

Come on, come on
Show that you rock
show how you rock
Come sing, sing your song
I don’t care if it’s not long
It just stays with me for a little while

He was alone
In a way that impresses me
Sticks and stones may break my bones
and words can really hurt me
Track Name: Some days are better than others
Sleep eat drive work read
Time to get back on my feet
It’s just that some days are better than others
Come on good times
Track Name: Don't wake me up
Cold winds have blown all day
I stay inside
It’s a small price to pay
This night everything’s all right
Just let me slide right out of sight

Please tell me everything is so-so
Don’t wake me up before you go-go

Country songs played all day
Still it didn’t make you stay
This night everything’s all right
Just let me slide right out of sight

Oh, don’t you let me slide
Keep my feet on your ground
I should be your favourite toy
Oh, but poor boy, I’m going down

? and wired
and heaven knows
? heaven knows
yeah, my desire is you
I guess you know

Oh, don’t you let me slide
Keep my feet on your ground
I should be your favourite toy
Oh, but poor boy, I’m going down
Track Name: You are better off with you and me
Is it so hard to see?
You’re better off with you and me
Track Name: The wooden chest
yeah, I like the sound of your high heels against my wooden chest
yeah, that’s the sound of your heartbeat and my wooden chest

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