Tomorrow is Everything​-​back​-​to​-​normal Day

by Frokost

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11 bonus tracks are included when you purchase the full digital album. These tracks are mostly the very raw, first drafts for a lot of the songs and a few alternative versions as well.


released November 27, 2014


all rights reserved


Track Name: Too full of potential
My sister invited me west
She had bought a new house but needed a guest
She said: it's right by the ocean. I'm sure you'll be impressed
Can't wait to see my sister and tell her that she is the best

When I get there
If I go there

Talked to a friend in a band, they needed someone to play the guitar
He asked with a smile: would you like to be our star? We've got a super sonic sound - come and hear us the bar.
It's the chance in a lifetime and I'm sure that we will go far

When I get there
If I go there

I'm not sure I can make it
I'm not sure I can take it
I'm too full of potential

There is a girl who looks like a boy but I think she is straight
She's got holes in the soles of her chucks that she uses as bait
She wears a lewd leather jacket that I can't overrate
And I know where she's hanging out on a Saturday night
It's gonna be great

When I get there
If I go there
Track Name: Film night
What took you so long?
It's right down on the corner
Forgot to make you look for premieres
Did you remember the beers?
Have you gone all french and avant-garde smart?
or did you choose with your heart?
How about McQueen
if there's one we haven't seen
I'm really in the mood some fast pace
some shoot-em-up and a car chase

I should have gone there myself.

Is it by someone renowned?
Did he step on new ground?
Would you say it's like a coming-of-age
or is it murder and rage?
You sure I haven't seen it before?
I hope it's not splatter or gore
Did you choose something sick sick
or did you settle on a chick flick
I would have loved to see a Hitch
Was the clerk still that bitch?

I'm sure she has a crush on you.

Film night.
Track Name: New job
I just found a new job
I'm gonna keep this new job

Last one I had to drop
So I've been looking for a new job
One I don't want to quit
where I don't want to stop

I don't like this new job
I'm gonna find a new job

This one I'm gonna drop
So I'm looking for a new job
One I don't want to quit
where I don't want to stop
Track Name: Youth is wasted on the young
Youth is wasted on the young
I think I've known that all along
You've got to got to follow your heart
But you gotta learn just when to start
And manners make a man a man
And you need to know you can you can

Then I saw your picture in that book
I turned the page that's all it took
Do devils sing when angels sing?
Ready or not, just ready begin

I weigh my words atomic weight
But still I just can't tolerate
That youth is wasted on the young
although I've known it all along

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